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Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is your key to deeper emotional understanding and lasting relationship satisfaction. Emotionally Focused Therapy is a systematic, attachment-oriented and research-validated approach for understanding and improving personal and relational difficulties.

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy?

EFT is a therapeutic approach that delves beyond surface-level solutions, targeting the heart of your emotional world and key relationship interactions. This approach focuses on recognizing, processing, and communicating your emotions and needs in a way that creates more positive relational interactions. This leads to decreased conflict, distress and more stable & satisfying relationships.

Did you know EFT was developed at UBC in the 1980s? It is now celebrated worldwide.
EFT is also beneficial for:

Managing Depression and Mood Fluctuations

Overcoming Anxiety Challenges

Healing from Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress

Navigating Grief and Bereavement

Boosting Self-Worth and Confidence

Addressing Anger Issues

The Three Stages of

Emotionally Focused Therapy


Identify Negative Interpersonal Patterns

Discover and understand the recurring negative cycles in your relationships. This stage helps you:

  • Recognize and alter harmful communication patterns.
  • Explore underlying emotions that contribute to conflicts.
  • Minimize conflicts, creating room for meaningful conversations.


Create New Response Patterns

Develop healthier, more fulfilling ways to interact and communicate. This stage involves:

  • Cultivating understanding and empathy towards yourself and others.
  • Establishing a safe space for discussing sensitive subjects.
  • Enhancing relationships and building the support network you need.


Prepare for the Future with Clearer Insights

Build upon the improvements you’ve made and apply them to specific issues. Key aspects include:

  • Reflecting on past challenges and embracing positive developments.
  • Building confidence in sustaining healthy interactions.
  • Concluding therapy with an optimistic outlook for your future.

EFT and Attachment Theory: 

Building Secure Bonds

Dr. Sue Johnson, author of best selling book “Hold Me Tight” and the founder of EFT at UBC, integrates the principles of attachment theory into the core of EFT. She holds that having a “safe haven” or “secure base” in relationships is critical to emotional well-being and confidence in navigating life.

Our EFT counselors, skilled in attachment theory, offer a supportive and non-judgmental environment. We focus on understanding each client's attachment style and guiding them towards forming more secure and fulfilling relationships.

To gain deeper insights into how EFT and attachment theory interconnect, watch this enlightening video featuring Dr. Sue Johnson:

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