Coming Through Together

Coming Through together is all about joining arms with you in combatting the mental and emotional challenges that those we love in our community are currently facing.

Our History & Journey

Pacific Coast Counselling was born in 2006 out of a dream to provide accessible and professional counselling services that would provide the quality-of-care people needed to face and walk-through the mental, emotional, and relational challenges of life that we all face. Over the past 15 years our amazing team of counsellors has had the privilege of supporting several thousand families, couples, and people in our community. Since 2015 up until the pandemic started our team of counsellors has helped between 200-300 people and families per year.

One of the services that we are most proud about at Pacific Coast Counselling is the subsidy program we offer. For those middle- and working-class families and people in our community we provide subsidized counselling services, so that financial means is not a barrier to receiving emotional and mental health support.

What is the Need

As we all walk together through the past 20 months of this pandemic, the need for care, compassion, and therapeutic support is greater than ever. Many people in our community are experiencing significant emotional and mental health struggles as a result of the pandemic.

The Canadian Mental Health Association (2021) is reporting that those with pre-existing mental health struggles are experiencing higher levels of stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression during this time. The people facing these challenges are our family members, our neighbours, our colleagues, our friends. Many of the ones we care about are struggling alone or  are needing that extra support that a professional counsellor can provide.

Our Vision & How You Can Help

We want people and families to know that they can walk through this time and lean on us for support, when they need it; and that we can get through this, together.

We have located a new home for Pacific Coast Counselling in the new West 200th building in North Langley. The larger office space will give us amazing opportunities to serve our growing community in Langley and the Fraser Valley. Most importantly, it will allow us to double the amount of people we can provide our vital counselling services too!

Our goal is to complete construction of our new office space and be able to serve 200 new clients in 2022, while continuing to provide our vital subsidy counselling program.

Every donation received will go directly towards completing our new office space and continuing our vital subsidy counselling program for those who need counselling, but have financial barriers to accessing the mental health support they need.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

We’re also looking to partner with businesses in the community who value these vital services and want to help make them more accessible to everyone in our community. We have various levels of sponsorship opportunities available. The sponsor benefits and investment levels are listed below. If you have further questions about sponsorship, please contact our office ~ 604-262-8806 for further information.